Programme instructions

The general programme instructions is a set of rules guiding the overall administration and operation of EPD Danmark.

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The EPD Danmark general programme instructions are developed according to ISO 14025 and describes e.g. the organisation and the programme operator (Danish Technological Institute) and the steering committee. It also describes the verification procedure as well as the required competence and independency of the verifiers.


Expenses regarding the registration of EPD's and maintenance of website etc. are covered by fees.

Two types of fees exists:

  • Annual administrative fee:

    EUR 400 ex VAT (turnover less than 40m EUR)
    EUR 800 ex VAT (turnover 40m to 350m EUR)
    EUR 2000 ex VAT (turnover more than 350m EUR)
  • Annual registration fee:

    EUR 600,- (1 EPD)
    EUR 270,- (apiece for number 2, 3 and 4)
    EUR 135,- (apiece for number 5-)

    Price example for 3 EPD's:

    1 x 600 + 2 x 270 = 1.140,-

Steering committee

The purpose of the steering committee is to ensure the continuing market relevance for EPD Danmark as well as the credibility and consistency in the organisations procedures.

The steering committee consists of 10 members:

  • University of Aalborg (Stig Hirsbak - chairman)
  • Danish Construction Association (Thomas Uhd)
  • Green Building Council Denmark (Mette Qvist)
  • Technical University of Denmark (Morten Birkved)
  • Danish Tiles and Bricks Association (Gitte Nielsen)
  • The Association of Danish Window Manufacturers (Johny Jensen)
  • Søren Jensen Rådg. Ing. - Consulting Engineer (Hanne Tine Ring Hansen)
  • Arkitema - Architect (Lars Kvist)
  • Bonava Denmark (Per Thomas Dahl)
  • Danish Building Research Institute (Harpa Birgisdóttir)

Independent verifiers

The following list contains the independent verifiers approved by EPD Danmark. To be approved as verifier you have to register and send your CV to EPD Danmark. All approved verifiers must meet the requirements for competence and independency as described in the general programme instructions.

  • David Palm, Ramböll Sverige
  • Linda Høibye, COWI A/S
  • Susanne Vedel Hjuler, COWI A/S
  • Kim Christiansen,