The new Construction Product Regulation (CPR), lays down the conditions for placing a construction product on the market by establishing harmonised rules on how to express the performance of construction products.

In CPR, a new requirement has been introduced, dealing with sustainable use of natural resources, a requirement directly linked to EPD's.

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An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) documents the environmental performance of a construction product, and is developed according to European and international standards. An EPD can be used for, e.g.:

  • Building certification (e.g. DGNB or BREEAM)
  • Material requirements in tender documents
  • Product development
  • Marketing

European collaboration

EPD Danmark is a member of ECO Platform - a European organization which works for a consistant level of quality and content of the EPD's developed in Europe, thus ensuring mutual recognition.

The ambitious work in ECO Platform is organized by leading European organizations and is coordinated with the work of CEN/TC 350.


August 15th 2019

New EPD: Petersen Tegl A/S

Clay products: D-bricks, Kolumba and Cover Find EPD

June 28th 2019

New EPD: Dampa ApS

Metal ceiling systems Find EPD

May 21st 2019


Glass wall system, ID85 Find EPD

April 8th 2019

New EPD: fade® Acoustic Plaster Finishes

fade® Acoustic plaster finish, Albus and plus+ can be applied on virtually any surface including straight and curved walls, dramatic angles and arching domes. Find EPD

December 21st 2018

New EPD: Randers Tegl A/S

Yellow brick based on yellow burning clay Find EPD

October 1st 2018

New EPD: DanSteel A/S

DanSteel uncoated steel plate Find EPD

September 19th 2018

New EPD: Cembrit Holding

Cembrit decorative fiber cement facade cladding (french version) Find EPD

June 13th 2018

New EPD's: Vola

VOLA watertaps and supplies. Find EPD

April 4th 2018

New EPD's: HSHansen

Hansen curtain walls systems. Find EPD

March 22nd 2018

New EPD: Cembrit Holding

Decorative fiber cement facade cladding. Find EPD

March 22nd 2018


Silicate paint for indoor and outdoor use. Find EPD

January 16th 2018

New EPD: Randers Tegl A/S

Tile brick based on grey burning clay. Find EPD

July 4th 2017

New EPD: Plastindsutrien

EPS insulation with and without graphite for buildings Find EPD

April 25th 2017

New EPD: Carlo F. Christensen A/S

Thatched roof, including special fastening system and fireproofing Find EPD

March 27th 2017

New EPD: Gamle Mursten ApS

Reused bricks for new built and refurbishment Find EPD

November 28th 2016

New EPD: Siniat B.V.

Siniat Gypsum boards applied as ceilings or as part of a drywall. Find EPD

November 14th 2016

New EPD: DEKO p|s

DEKO FG partition system. Find EPD

April 25th 2016

New EPD: Cembrit Holding

Cembrit functional boards of fiber cement. Find EPD

November 16th 2015


Paperwool granulate for insulation of new and existing buildings. Find EPD

September 16th 2015

New EPD: RC Beton A/S

Lightweight concrete blocks with and without insulation for internal and external walls, foundations and basement walls. Find EPD

March 4th 2015

New EPD: Troldtekt A/S

Troldtekt acoustic panels for indoor ceilings and walls. Find EPD

February 3rd 2015

EPD Danmark and IBU signs agreement on mutual recognition

At BAU 2015 in Munich, EPD Danmark signed a formal agreement on mutual recognition with Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.v. (IBU).
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January 22nd 2015

New EPD: fischer a/s

FIS Green 300 T injection system. Find EPD

December 5th 2014

New EPD: KT93

Generic industry EPD for tile bricks based on red burning clay. Find EPD

October 7th 2014

The first ECO EPDs are being presented in Brussels

On 16th of October ECO Platform will present the latest developments of its members to achieve a consistent European system to provide Environmental Product Declarations. The event will close with the handover of the 1st ECO EPDs. EPD Danmark will of course be present. Read more

July 23rd 2014

New EPD: Randers Tegl A/S

Tile brick based on red burning clay. Find EPD

May 21st 2014

New EPD: Papiruld Danmark A/S

Paperwool granulate for insulation of roofs, internal and external walls, floors etc. Find EPD

April 7th 2014

New EPD: Isoklinker ApS

Isoklinker is an insulationsystem for refurbishment of the exterior wall. It is made of tiles on PUR-foam. Find EPD

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EPD Danmark publishes verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for construction products according to the requirments in the European standard EN 15804.

EPD Danmark is an organization which publishes EPDs for construction products. The organzation works for a consistent level of quality and content of EPDs in Europe as well as the availability of its services for small and medium sized enterprises